Alex Gross

Dear Chefs,

We are a third generation family-run business serving restaurateurs, professional chefs, and quality-driven home chefs. We pride ourselves on offering restaurant-grade cookware and supplies at consumer friendly prices to our valued clientele.

Chefware Essentials traces its origin to my great-grandfather who arrived in Brooklyn, New York, in 1905 with nothing but the clothes on his back, a suitcase, and a satchel filled with wares to sell.

My great-grandfather diligently sold products door-to-door and instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in my Grandpa, who co-founded one of the largest restaurant manufacturing houses in the United States.

To this day, it still services some of the largest restaurant chains worldwide.

I launched Chefware Essentials so that the many products my Grandpa spent his life perfecting could better reach independent restaurant owners and home chefs.

Isador Gross at Alegacy

Our team boasts over 75+ collective years in the food service industry.

We only source products from the top cookware manufacturers and have direct relationships with family-run suppliers.

If you have questions about our services and products, please email us at or via phone at (800)-604-1385.


Alex Gross

CEO, Chefware Essentials